What is the priority dealine for applying to join a Global Outreach team?

Sunday, December 14, 2015

Can I apply for a Global Outreach team after the deadline?

The priority deadline is December 14, and teams usually fill up before the start of the Spring semester. There is no guarantee of acceptance after the priority processing deadline, but the last day to apply for a team would be January 20.

Do I need to sign up for the Preparation for Global Outreach class (BMS 312) on Thursday nights?

Each student traveling on a TMC Global Outreach team must register for BMS 312 in the spring semester. Included in the class is a weekly team meeting to help plan for your trip abroad.  

What kind of credit does the Prep for GO class offer?

The GO class counts as either an upper division Bible elective or as a cross-cultural general education class.  If you take the class as gen ed credits, you will only need to take 3 credits of cross-cultural; the remaining 3 credits of the gen ed requirement can be used for any other class.

Can I take the Preparation for Global Outreach class (BMS 312) if I am not a part of a GO trip?

You may take the GO class even if you are not participating on a GO trip. Your will receive a modified syllabus, and the class will not count as a super cross-cultural gen ed credit.  You would need to complete an additional 3 credit class to fulfill the 6 credits of cross-cultural general education requirements.

Do I have to pay tuition fees if BMS 312 adds more than 18 units to my schedule?

You can sign up for BMS 312 for 0 units so that you are not charged tuition for taking the class. Sign up for 3 units, and then ask the registrar to change the count to 0.  The course fee will apply for all students.

Can I date or pursue another person on my team?

No.  The Global Outreach Office discourages any dating relationships on the GO teams. If you have concerns about this, please discuss this with your team leader and Lisa La George if you have further questions.

I have concerns about my personal security while traveling internationally. Are these trips safe?

Any international travel carries certain risks. The Global Outreach Office evaluates political, health, and safety risks to potential destinations. We make every attempt to inform team members of anticipated risks. Further questions or inquiries about a specific destination can be directed to  Should a location become unstable, the team will either be redirected to another location or cancelled.

Do I have to take the GO class again if I have already taken it once?

Repeat participants will be given a slightly different syllabus to govern assignments and class participation. You must still register for the class, but can only receive the units once.

Can I be on a Global Outreach team if I am studying in IBEX in the spring?

No, sorry. Students are encouraged to choose one or the other opportunity. Both are an excellent choice.

How much do the trips cost?

The total trip cost, including airfare, food, lodging and ministry expenses will be around $2975.  Athletic trips will have a slightly different pricing structure.

Can someone who is not a student at TMC join a Global Outreach team?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to apply for teams. Others may be able to participate along with the team by working directly with the parterning organization such as a mission agency or church. Questions about this may be directed to

When willI know what team I am on?

Team rosters will be finalized during the first week of classes in January.

Is there anything I can do over Christmas break to get ready for a trip?


Apply for a passport if you don’t already have one.

Check in with your family doctor and make sure that your inoculations are current.  If you do not have inoculations against Hepatitis A and B, start the series.

Tell your family and friends that they can give tax deductable donations toward your trip for Christmas.

Gather addresses while you are home for people you will send letters to in early February.