The Last Leg of the Journey:
Advice for those Preparing to Embark

By Mollie Mehringer

Dear WOWee,

Welcome to The Master’s University. Buckle up for what is going to be four of the most exciting, growing, challenging and memorable years of your life.

“College just flies by,” is the typical mantra of parents and grandparents that students tend to laugh at and find hard to believe. But as a just-graduated senior, I find myself completely concurring with this statement. As you prepare to enter this entirely new stage of life, I have one piece of advice for you: enjoy every minute of it.

When I look back over my four years at TMC there are a few words that summarize my time at college: social life, experiences, lessons, learning, and people. To help you to “enjoy every minute” of college, I would like to give you my perspective on each of these things.

Social Life

While you are at college to get a degree, don’t be a hermit. Be a good steward, study hard, but remember that diving for change during the Master’s Cup, attending basketball games and Spring Party and the Christmas concert, watching Spring Sing, participating in the Year End Show and Disney Day and decorating madly for Make Your Mother Proud are part of your college experience. These moments will bond you with your classmates and will be some of your fondest memories in the end.

While I have strived to work hard in my classes, I have never regretted dropping studying to take a friend to Starbucks who just went through a break-up, or taking a spontaneous beach trip with my roommate, or making a late night taco run to catch up with a wingmate. As a friend once told me, “Grades aren’t eternal. But people are.”


Join student leadership, be on a team, study abroad! During the fall semester of my senior year I studied in Israel and it tops the charts as my favorite semester at TMU. I also look back on my junior year as an ARA in CDUB as my favorite year of college as well.

The people I got to know on my wing last year and the people that went to Israel with me last semester are some of my best friends today. While you might have to shuffle your schedule around to study abroad, and while you might be up later in the night as an ARA or RA, experiences like these have a way of growing and shaping us like few other things.


Use your time at college to prepare yourself to be the man or woman you want to be. My sophomore year I made a lot of immature choices, but by God’s grace this served as a catalyst for me to seek out discipleship, ministry opportunities and fellowship with like-minded believers.

Don’t learn things the hard way. Don’t abuse your new-found freedom. Strive after maturity and wisdom from the beginning. Take Proverbs to heart and choose to not go down the pathway of regrets.


I know there will always be those professors who “load you up” with homework or who give you confusing tests and there will be those nights that you are up until 3 a.m. wondering why you ever chose to go to college in the first place, but don’t forget that to be at The Master’s College is an immense privilege.

I have learned things from my Bible classes that according to my dad, “some seminary students don’t even know,” and my general education classes have helped me to view all aspects of life through a biblical lens.

Whenever you are tempted to complain, think about all of the thousands of individuals who would love to be in your place, but can’t afford it.

Having your biblical knowledge rocked by Abner Chou, having someone as seasoned and hilarious as Jack Simons for a teacher, adviser and “grandpa” (thanks for all of the relationship advice, Dr. Simons!), getting to dialogue back and forth with Grant Horner (aka Socrates) in class, getting to learn about world history from someone as insightful and passionate as Jeff Jensen, getting to learn from such a personable and godly man as Bill Schlegel, and having such a caring, fun teacher as Alex Granados who still greets you and engages you in conversation outside of the classroom, and the list could go on … and we complain why? An education at The Master’s College is a rich heritage. Be grateful.

Finally...the People

The friends I have made at Master’s are people I have sobbed with, laughed uncontrollably with, poured out my heart to, prayed with, shared ridiculous adventures with and opened up my life to. They know me so well and are friendships I know I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My two best friends and I “hit it off” during WOW Week when I locked myself out of my room. Last year I got to share life with a hallway of 20-some girls that were some of the godliest, most fun, and caring individuals and who remain today some of my dearest friends.

My discipler is a part of The Master’s College community and has modeled a Christ-centered life to me over the past two years that we have met together. The 30-some individuals I went to Israel with shared a life-changing experience with me and we now share a unique bond and friendship like few others.

My boyfriend and I met through a communications class before he got up the nerve to ask me out. Even people who I have simply sat with in class or passed during our daily walks to class have emulated Christ and encouraged me in some way.

Get to know people during your time at Master’s. Resident directors, resident assistants, classmates, wingmates, your roommates—it’s the people at Master’s that ultimately make the school the special place that it is.

So as you head into college and begin to realize that bad grades, late nights, interpersonal drama and homesickness are inevitable realities you will face, don’t be afraid. Heed the words of missionary Jim Elliot: “Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

The good of college will far outweigh the bad. And the fun moments will far surpass the hard ones.

As one of my friends pointed out to me during a “cupcake run” the other day, college is a season. It’s such a short phase. You won’t always get to go on coffee dates and enjoy social functions and have heart-to-hearts and rich fellowship with like-minded believers on a daily basis like you will during your time at TMU.

I realized a few months ago, as I was handed my cap and gown that college truly does fly by. New student, resolve now to enjoy every minute of it. 

Gratefully passing on the baton,

Mollie Mehringer