Passport to Master's - International/TCK Orientation

Passport to Master’s is a unique pre-orientation program carefully crafted for incoming international and third culture kid (TCK) students. If you’re an international student, MK, or TCK, then make plans to join us for this extra day and a half before our Week of Welcome (WOW). There’s no extra cost  involved—just let us know ahead of time that you’re coming.

Your arrival at TMC will mark one of the biggest transitions of your life. Passport to Master’s exists in order to help make your transition to The Master’s College as successful as possible. We’ll cover everything from culture to health to employment. Even more importantly, Passport to Master’s provides a special opportunity for you to meet and get to know other new students from across the globe. Our experience has shown just how important these friendships really are, so we’ve designed Passport to Master’s to include plenty of time for getting to know other international and TCK students before WOW begins. If nothing else, though, you’ll at least have some extra time to recover from jet lag!

For more information about Passport to Master’s, or to arrange transportation from a major airport on August 21st, please contact Amy Bryerton in the International Student Advancement Office ( or +1-661-362-2249).

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