On-Campus Housing Details & F.A.Q.

What Furnishings Are Provided For Each Student?

  • Bed with mattress (extra-long twin)
  • Wardrobe and dresser
  • Desk and chair
  • Carpeting
  • Vertical or mini blinds

What Should I Bring?

  • Bedding (extra-long twin sheets, pillows, and blankets), towels, and washcloths
  • Shower caddy and shoes
  • Alarm clock, hangers, wastebasket
  • Utensils and a few dishes, depending on how much snacking you’ll be doing in your dorm

Additional Items to Consider Bringing

  • Small non-halogen lamp
  • Laundry baskets and detergents; rolls of quarters for laundry. The machines also take credit cards if you prefer.
  • Iron and clothes-drying rack
  • Plastic crates or storage bins
  • Plants, posters, and other decoration items (use sticky-tack)
  • Hot pot and/ or coffee maker (UL listed, no open coil)
  • Secure lock for bicycle (U-locks recommended)
  • Refrigerator 3.6 cubic feet or smaller (Only one is permitted per room, so you may want to check with your roommate or wait to buy one until you are here. Refrigerators must be plugged directly into wall outlet.)

What Should I Not Bring?

  • Drapes, curtains, or other window treatments
  • Pets other than goldfish or tropical fish (aquarium limited in size to less than 20 gallons with stand)—must have agreement of roommate(s).
  • Microwaves, toasters, hot plates.
  • Waterbeds
  • Upholstered furniture (due to fire laws)
  • Combustible items; no lit candles or incense are allowed in residence halls
  • Posters or decorations that encourage or support violation of The Master’s College Policies; no alcoholic beverages or advertisements permitted


What can I do to personalize my room?

Adhesive putty and other temporary mounting products may be used for decorating as long as no damage results from use. Any damage to walls, doors, or room surfaces will result in a charge and must be repaired by facilities management; students should not try to make repairs themselves.


What laundry facilities are available?

Each dorm has coin-operated machines. A washing machine load will cost $1.50, and a dryer load will cost $1.25.

Is there a way to indicate my room preference?

The Housing Committee cannot guarantee preferences. We try our best to honor requests and want to serve everyone in the best way possible. Students may request their preferred dorms and/or roommates in the registration process, or contact Housing ( to update their preferences before roommate assignments are released. If you have any questions or concerns about housing after that time, we would be happy to help you at check-in on WOW Saturday..


Can I find out what my dorm is or who my roommate is?

We are very intentional about placing students, and we try to make each wing a good mix of different ages, interests, and majors. Because of this, new students will find out who their roommates are shortly before they arrive on campus. We will be unable to give out that information before then. You will find out your dorm and room assignment as a part of the check-in process on WOW Saturday.


Are there single rooms available?

No, but we are sure you will enjoy the community in the dorms.


How many roommates will I have?

This depends on what dorm you are living in. Most of our dorm rooms accommodate two students. Slight, however, has a different configuration and is able to accommodate 4-6 students per room.


Can I move into the dorm early?

Because of our staff training schedule, we will not be able to accommodate an early arrival.


Do you provide a shuttle service to the airport at other times?

We only provide a pick-up service from the airport for the Week of Welcome (WOW). Finding a ride after that becomes the student’s responsibility.


Can I live off-campus?

Students are eligible to apply for off-campus housing if they meet at least one of the following qualifications: living with parents, married, an academic senior, or at least 22 years of age. You must complete an application that will be reviewed by the Deans’ Office in order to receive approval to live off-campus. The application can be found on Content Management through Self-Service under “Off-Campus Housing.”


What if I forget something?

Don’t worry! The campus is within three miles of Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.



The following rules are to be observed in the dorm areas in compliance with the Los Angeles County Fire Code:

  1. There are to be no decorations on the ceilings.
  2. There must be twelve inches of space between the ceiling and any combustible material placed on the walls.
  3. For every five feet of continuous combustible decorations, a twelve inch separation needs to be made to help prevent the spread of fire.
  4. No combustible decorations are to be placed on exit doors.
  5. Christmas trees are not allowed in rooms, and only in lounges when they are sprayed with flame retardant material.
  6. Curtains, blinds, or drapes must be flame retardant material.
  7. Unoccupied dorm room doors are not to be propped open.
  8. Halls and stair wells must be clear of obstructions.
  9. Extension cords are to be used sparingly. Surge protectors may be used but not plugged one into another. Floor heaters must be UL rated and kept away from flammable items.
  10. Absolutely no burning candles/incense, or open flames are to be used in the dorms
  11. Dorm hallway end doors cannot be propped open.