Your 2015-2016 ASB

ASB exists as a student-led extension of the Student Life department. We are here to facilitate exciting social events and inspiring opportunities for service that promote community on campus. In addition we provide the students and administration of TMU with a vital communication link.


Executive Officers

ASB President, Ryan Bennett:

ASB Vice President, Chris Sue:

ASB Chaplain, Noah Lawson:

ASB Events Coordinator, Alyssa Varonfakis:

ASB Chief Financial Officer, Roberto Altamirano:

ASB Public Relations, Haley Neeley:

ASB Marketing Coordinator, Dylan Grimes:

ASB Athletic Liaison, Chad Balakian:


Senior Dorm Representatives

C.W. Smith Women - Ashley Bateman:

C.W. Smith Men - Jonathan Wais:

Dixon - Ashlee Trenery:

Waldock - Nathan Forbes: 

Hotchkiss Women - Ashley Cho:

Sweazy - Rebecca Butler: 

Slight - Alex Barboza:

Commuter Liaison - Janelle Paez:


Dorm Representatives

C.W. Smith Women - Shion Uza:                                                                                             

C.W. Smith Women - Kylie Collins:

C.W. Smith Women - Hannah Cortese:

C.W. Smith Men - Caleb Friginal:

C.W. Smith Men - Curt McClure:

Dixon - Alyson McGrew:

Dixon - Rebecca Stark:

Sweazy - Kerry Houchin:

Waldock - Ian Saulog: