The Master's College

Your 2013-2014 ASB

ASB exists as a student-led extension of the Student Life department. We are here to facilitate awesome social events and inspiring opportunities for service that promote community on campus. In addition we provide the students and administration of TMC with a vital communication link.

Executive Officers

ASB President, Corey Alexander:
ASB Vice President, Josiah Owinyo:
ASB Chaplain, CJ Johnson:
ASB Public Relations: Vanessa Dawson:
ASB Chief Financial Officer, Elissa Brown:
ASB Events Coordinator, Annie Frizzell:
ASB Marketing Coordinator, Elliot Low:
ASB Athletic Liaison: Jordan Brown:

Senior Dorm Representatives

C.W. Smith Women - Bronwyn Seward:
- Kim Vowels:
Hotchkiss Women - Kristyn Bridges:
Sweazy - Haley Veilleux:
C.W. Smith Men - Matthew Fukuda:
Hotchkiss Men - Connor Draa:
Slight - Nathon Olson:
Waldock - Ryan Cassidy:
Off Campus - Natalie Keoshian:

Dorm Representatives

C.W. Smith Women - Kaycee Jew:
Dixon - Shayley Stager:
C.W. Smith Men - Rex Chen:
Slight - Roberto Altamirano:
Waldock - Lucas Moraes: