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School clubs are an important part of our community. Through them students are able to express themselves and join together around common interests. This fellowship brings many positive results and we want to assist you in joining or even starting a club.

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How To Start A School Society

It is much easier than you may think.


  1. Written statement of purpose.
  2. Name of a faculty or full-time staff to serve as the club's advisor.
  3. Club membership roster including at least ten currently registered students.

Also, ASB shall grant recognition only to clubs and organizations whose stated purpose is in harmony with the mission and purpose of the ASB and The Master's University. A majority vote of the ASB in a regular meeting shall be necessary to grant recognition.


  1. Only recognized clubs or organizations may use the following terms or insignias: "The Master's University", "Master's", "TMU", or a "The Master's University" logo, or otherwise indicate any relationship to the college.
  2. Only recognized clubs and organizations will be granted free access to the use of TMU facilities and services, and then only upon appropriate request and approval stated in the ASB Operation Manual.
  3. Only recognized clubs or organizations may receive ASB funding pending approval of the guidelines stated in Article IX. Section 2. b.
  4. One Representative from each ASB-approved club or organization may have the privilege of the floor, but are without vote.

Remember that we are here to help you through the process. Please contact us with any questions you may have about school clubs.

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