ASB 2016-2017 | Calendar Of Events

September '16

DateEventMore Info
5 Labor Day BBQ   
12-16 Gotcha! Event Description
23 Open Dorms  
26-10/2 Women to Women More Info
29 Worship Night Event Description

October '16

DateEventMore Info
9 Open Dorms  
12-16 Outreach Week (No Classes)  
17 Reading Day (Evening Classes Only) Event Description
21-22, 28-29 TMU Theatre Arts Production  
27-29 College View Weekend  


The Mega Blend

Mustang Madness

Event Description

Event Description


Global Mobilization Week


November '16

DateEventMore Info
4 Fall Thing  
8 Day of Prayer Event Description
11 Open Dorms  
21-27 Thanksgiving Break  
30 Christmas Tree Lighting | The Blend Event Description

January '17

DateEventMore Info
9-10 Spring WOW  
11 Continuing Students Return  
11-13 Truth & Life Conference More Info about Truth & Life
20 Open Dorms  
19-21 Opera Scenes  

February '17

DateEventMore Info
10-11 Global Outreach Retreat  
13-18 Disney Week Event Description
15 Disney Blend Event Description
16 Open Dorms  
17 Disney Dinner | Movie Night  
18 Disney Day  
20-26 Women to Women  
21 Reading Day (Evening Classes Only)  

March '17

DateEventMore Info
9 Open Dorms  
11-19 Spring Break  
23-25 View the U  

24-25, 31-4/1

TMU Theatre Arts Production  

April '17

DateEventMore Info
7 The Monty's  
17 Reading Day (Evening Classes Only)  
22 Admitted Students' Day  
28 Year End Show  
29 International Students' Day  

May '17

DateEventMore Info
5 Graduation  


Children's Hunger Fund Drive

Partner's Website

Each Christmas season our students collect canned and other non-perishable food items to donate to Children's Hunger Fund. The wing that donates the most food wins a end-of-the-semester party for their wing. From Children's Hunger Fund website: "[Children's Hunger Fund] works to alleviate the suffering of children in impoverished regions across America and around the world. Through strategic partnerships in targeted communities, CHF works to improve the lives of poor children and their families comprehensively, meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Day of Prayer

A day is set aside each semester as a special time for the entire College community to gather for heart-searching prayer and praise. Prayer time is spent in chapel, in residence hall groups, and in academic departments.


Disney Week

Disney Week is a week of fun events designed to provide opportunities to break the routine of class and studying with fun times of fellowship all circling a theme from a Disney movie, and culminating in Disney Day, a Saturday each spring where you and 500 of your closest friends from TMU get to enjoy a day at Disneyland Theme Park for a huge discount. Throughout the week there are different events, contests, and a themed meal in the caf! Then on Disney Day we all go down to Disneyland for more fun and to enjoy the fellowship and friends that can get lost in the middle of the busy spring semester. While at the park there are still fun contests going on, meet-ups for a show at the Golden Horseshoe, and much more!


Fall Thing

Fall Thing is our campus-wide fall social: a fun, themed evening of entertainment, snacks and refreshments. Past events have featured themes like "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" or "International Travel". Entertainment has included hot-air balloon rides, magicians, murder-mystery theater, and much more. It is a fun evening designed for everything from couples to entire wings and other groups of friends coming together and having a great time.



Gotcha is the biggest on-campus game of the year. This game of tag using small foam balls is a great way to get to know others and form friendships with staff and students across campus. At the beginning of the week you are given a slip of paper with a name on it along with your Gotcha ball. It is your job to find that person and tag them in order to collect the names that they are holding. At the end of the week the person with the longest string of names will receive a cash prize. Each day of the week has a different "safety" that changes each year such as walking-backward or holding hands with someone else. Class, chapel, library, cafeteria, and work are always safe zones, but other than that...look out or someone will "Gotcha". Have fun, and have integrity! To quote a beloved professor, “Don’t sell your Christian integrity for Gotcha! It’s not worth it!”


Movies That Matter

Movies That Matter is designed to provide students interested in film and movie studies a biblical and interactive forum to think about great films of the past and present and how Christians should think and engage with them. Each event is normally held in a dorm lounge and is hosted by a TMU professor or staff member who following a viewing of the film leads a discussion about its key themes and points-of-contact with a Biblical-Christian worldview.


Mustang Madness

Mustang Madness is an exciting pep-rally for our fall Athletic teams. Come out for free giveaways, prizes, athletic team competitions, and to see a great game of Inter-Squad basketball.


Open Dorms

Open Dorms are nights for hospitality and fun up in the dorms. Rooms get decorated, coffee gets served, and fun is had by all. Sometimes small dorm-hosted events will take place in the lounges and during Disney week a game of find-the-hidden-mikeys is the challenge at hand.


Opening Day Athletic Games

Come out and support our Athletic teams on their opening home games of the seasons. ASB hosted spirit competitions, fun giveaways and raffles, and special concessions and other events accompany our cheers and support for our Athletic teams on these opening day games.


The Montys 

The Montys is a campus wide student talent show. It is a night that features original songs, short films and video parodies, as well as many other unique talents of our students. From creatively choreographed ballads presented by entire wings of students, to original songs on solo guitar and vocals, to comedy routines and unique "TMU" parodies of popular television shows--if it is unique and creative you can audition to participate and win cash prizes at the end of the night! Attendees dress as they were attending an awards show fit for Hollywood.  Auditions are normally in mid-February, so don't miss out!


The Blend

The Blend is a showcase of student artistic talent. Held several times throughout the year with different focuses, The Blend provides student an opportunity to present their God glorifying talents to their peers in a fun, relaxed, coffee-house environment. Hosted by the ASB Chaplain in the TMU Corral [the first floor lounge in the Duncan Student Center] previous events have featured student bands with original songs, original art work and photography made by students, and even short films written and produced by students. Contact the ASB Chaplain with suggestions or entries for a specific date.


Worship Night

Worship Nights are designed to be smaller, intimate opportunities for student to meet together to be lead in worship through song by their peers. Taking place on different nights, times and locations throughout the year these events provide purposeful time to break from the routine of classes, study, and service to reflect and express love for our Savior.