By Catherine Hardy

The Master’s College can cross “recording studio” off the project to-do list. This fall marked the unveiling of the music department’s shiny new studio.

Open to both students and the public, The Master’s College’s most recent development boasts modern audio technology and affords the school an opportunity to expand its music department into new territory by recording and producing music itself.

“We had the dream probably eight years ago. After a couple of years, we finally started talking to the administration,” said Music Department Chair Dr. Paul Plew. “The studio adds this missing piece to the Audio Technology degree. Up to this point, audio tech students have had to travel to professional Los Angeles studios to learn about the equipment they must understand to be successful in the music business.”

This very equipment now rests in the studio next door to them, nestled in the back of the Music Recital Hall.

“The specifications, the equipment and the room design, the whole thing, are from the pros in the industry. So there is an instant recognition of quality because the best in the business designed it,” Plew said.

Excitement surrounding the studio has been largely related to the potential it has to boost the school’s credibility in the music world. Equipped with a professional soundboard, mixing equipment and microphones, the addition is not only an asset for the music department, but also a draw for the community.

“I was convicted that we were the closest Christian college to Hollywood, and Hollywood figured out how to reach the world a long time ago. It’s about time we figure out how to reach Hollywood.” Plew said.

Junior Tiffany Gibb had the opportunity to be the first to record in the new studio.

“It was fun. I was really nervous. It was a new experience because I had never recorded anything music-wise,” said Gibb, who worked on an upcoming album from the Majesty ensemble. “The studio itself is extremely professional. The highest tech – everything. Not only that, but high quality. In that regard, I think it is a good testimony to those who come from the outside. Those who come to the school and know they can get an Audio Technology degree that is on par with any major Los Angeles recording school.”

Achieving this goal has been a lengthy process. Construction started in the spring semester of 2012, but the music department faced some financial obstacles throughout 2013. Sufficient funds were donated, however, and the process continued.

Ultimately, the purpose of the studio is to equip students to make an impact in the music world.

“As our students graduate and there is a respect for the facility and a respect for the people who teach here, and there is an understanding that if you’re a graduate of Master’s you’re going to put out good work … I think there could be quite a pipeline from here to Hollywood,” Plew said.

Now, with the construction finished, and the equipment installation completed, this profitable and educational tool has at last moved from dream to reality.

Catherine Hardy is a TMC communications major.