The Master's College

President's Scholarship recipients to be named this weekend

By K.D. Gwinn

Twenty-one qualified students have been invited to spend three days at The Master’s College as they continue their application for the Presidential Scholarship. The President’s Scholarship is the highest academic financial aid the college offers and will be awarded to the 10 most deserving students.

These potential students have already completed the first step -- the admissions application -- and have been invited by the admissions staff to come for an on-campus interview.

The interviews, conducted by TMC staff and faculty, are designed to determine if the student possesses genuine spiritual maturity, academic acumen and has been sacrificially involved in community affairs.

Students arrive with parents and are given the opportunity to visit classes, stay in the dorms, and attend chapel.

TMC intern Stevie Noch said the unique part of visiting the campus is that students “get to really experience student life by staying in the dorms and getting to know some of the students and hearing their reflections on how much they love the school.”

In addition to the interviews and campus visit, students attend a dinner given in their honor. Dinner is a time for them to hear from the leadership of TMC, meet with former presidential scholarship recipients, and celebrate the opportunity.

“These students have already proven that they are pursuing excellence both academically and spiritually,” said TMC admissions events coordinator Jordan Seehusen. “Our hope is that they will leave President’s Scholarship weekend understanding how The Master’s College can help them achieve their academic goals while also being equipped for a lifetime of service to Christ.”


K.D. Gwinn is a senior communications major at The Master’s College.