The Subversion in Social Justice, Silence and Tolerance


We want to help those who suffer from incurable diseases, we want to give a voice to the unborn, we hurt when we see anyone suffering political injustice. Many causes motivate good people everywhere to passionately fundraise to meet needs, boldly speak up against oppression and eagerly march to show solidarity with the oppressed. . .

Students Travel to State Capitol to Confront Cal Grant Cut


SACRAMENTO, CA --- How am I going to pay off the last four years of my education? Many of us have been faced with this question, trying to figure out ways to creatively fund a hard-earned degree: special scholarships, a full-time job, multiple part-time jobs or, unfortunately, a debt-bomb that will hit as soon as one steps off the stage at graduation. Thankfully, the Cal Grant, a financial endowment given to California residents attending school in state, has been one of the more accessible means of easing that financial burden, especially for nearly 200 students at The Master’s University. . . this could no longer be the case. . .

Theatre Preview: Northanger Abbey


A worn Los Angeles Dodgers hat, black Vans with fraying laces, pink pants and a polka dot sweater, a one-size-too-large white hoodie and a trench coat were only some of the clothes standing out in the Music Recital Hall on Monday night. Each person, still allowed to dress in their street clothes until dress rehearsals began, then donned the garb of English aristocracy in the early 1800s . . .

Life in the Promised Land: Hezekiah's Tunnel


Without question, Jerusalem has a very special place in God’s grand design. As the former capital of the United Monarchy, and as the future capital of Jesus’ millennial kingdom, Jerusalem really is a royal city. . .

Mustangs Crowned GSAC Champs


Fullerton, Calif. -- Seven banners hang high above Bross Court in the MacArthur Center at The Master’s University, representing an era (1993-2000) of unprecedented success for men’s basketball, one during which the Mustangs made an annual habit of playing in the NAIA National Tournament.

More Than A Master's Degree: Online MBA


Leaders are the faces of the organizations and people they represent. Nothing works properly without proper leadership. This fundamental quality is exactly what The Master’s University Online MBA program focuses on strengthening and refining. . .

Faculty Focus: Matt McLain


The most many of us know about dinosaurs is what we have learned from Jurassic Park, the main lesson being don’t try to bring the extinct back into existence. However for Dr. Matthew McLain, a recent addition to our faculty, the existence of dinosaurs is his profession. While pursuing his PhD, he and a group of paleontologists spent their summers covered in dust and digging under the Wyoming sun. During this time, they found a bone covered with large bite marks . . .

Olympic Medalist to Launch TMU Aquatics Program


Gabe Woodward, bronze medalist in the 4x100 meter freestyle at the 2004 Olympics, All-American swimmer and 2001 graduate of USC, joins The Master’s University to launch their first ever swimming and diving program for the Fall 2017 season. . .

Creation Summit: God's First Man Q&A


The idea that Adam was the first created human is under attack within evangelical circles. Dr. John MacArthur warned about this issue in the introduction to his book, "The Battle for the Beginning" in 2001. We decided to hold a conference on this topic as the theme for our annual creation conference now called the Creation Summit. Much of what we will cover in the Summit is based on the book "What Happened in the Garden", written by the faculty of The Master’s University and Dr. MacArthur. . .

Alumni Focus: Justyn Lee


Life is full of choices. Major fork-in-the-road decisions: where to pursue an education, whom to marry, in what do I put my faith, etc. Not all decisions are that significant but even the small ones can have a lasting effect on the path our lives take. The ultimate informant to that path is the sincere answer we offer to the question, who do I want to be?

Life in the Promised Land: An IBEX Student's Perspective (Vol. 1)


On January 29th around 8:30 AM, IBEX Spring 2017 boarded a bus that would begin our journey to Israel. With little sleep and little food, a stop at protest-riddled JFK and after hours of travel, we finally arrived around 4:30 PM (Israel Standard Time) on January 30th in Tel Aviv. Although we were all certainly feeling the effects of jet lag, “brimming with excitement” would better encapsulate our mood. After all, we stood on the precipice of three months of life in Israel!

A Legacy of Leadership: Coach Kelvin Starr


Hired last March, Kelvin Starr, the new men’s basketball coach, has turned last year’s 4-20 record around to 17-3 with almost half of his team being newcomers. To make this turn-around in one season is monumental and has earned him a growing respect around campus and further strengthened his reputation in the GSAC community . . .