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Master's Chorale set to perform in Israel, Europe

Posted on: May 03

By Amanda Mothershead

As the semester comes to an end, The Master’s College Chorale prepares for its summer tour. But this isn’t an ordinary summer tour for the Chorale. Every four years the group goes on an international tour, and this summer the performers are traveling to Israel, Switzerland and France.

“I have been looking forward to this trip since I joined Chorale my sophomore year,” said senior Abigail Heim.

The team will depart on May 11 for Israel, where it will spend two weeks before heading to Europe for the final week. The group will return to the U.S. on June 3. The 25 music alumni and faculty, along with a student group of 60 will perform 15 concerts.

“Every year we have the distinct privilege of serving God’s people through the music we have worked on during the school year,” said Chorale member, Samuel Blakey. “Whether we are performing at a local church or flying halfway around the world, we seek to reflect God’s glory. That to me is worth all the time spent practicing.”

The musicians will sing in a variety of venues, from concert halls and cathedrals to local churches. Included in the Israel portion of the tour are performances in St. Anne's Church in Bethesda, Christ Church in Old City Jerusalem, the Abu Ghosh Music Festival and the Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv.

The Chorale will also visit important sites and spend time getting to know the history and the unique people and timeless culture. Group members will spend three nights in En Gev visiting Galilee and the Jordan Rift and two nights in guesthouses of Yad HaShmonah, exploring Benjamin/Shepehelah.

They will also travel south and stay a night on the Dead Sea. From there they will make their way across the Negev and visit a full-size model of the Old Testament Tabernacle in an Israeli nature park.

They group will arrive in Geneva on May 28, where it will perform in venues such as St. Peter's Cathedral. In France, the Chorale will perform in Lyon and Lausanne.

“I am most excited about making the Bible more tangible than I thought it could be and seeing the places where things have happened,” said TMC student Juliette Valaer. “The opportunity to see where Jesus was and where His ministry took place is surreal.”

Click here to view the Chorale's complete itinerary.

Amanda Mothershead is a TMC communications major.