IMG_00230.jpgThe Master's College is pleased to announce the completion of our Welcome Center and Legacy Room! After almost two eventful years of prayer, planning, and building, we are thankful and grateful for the conclusion of our newest building project, which showcases a visual history of our academic institution and adds to our library.

The new Legacy Room at The Master's College, dedicated yesterday, is in the news. The event attracted several hundred people to the campus to enjoy presentations by President John MacArthur and Executive Vice President and Provost Mark Tatlock.

DSC_3966.jpgVisitors were able to tour the new facility and view the many exhibits and special collections housed there.

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Here's a first person news story about the event from KHTS Radio, AM 1220 --

The Master's College Celebrates Its Legacy

Here's a report in The Signal newspaper:

The Master's College Dedicates New Building

History of the Legacy Center


In the spring of 2010, our President, Dr. John MacArthur, completed his 25th year of service as our college president. Out of a desire to recognize his years of sacrifice and service, and to thank him for the way he has led our school to remain committed to the truth of God's Word, The Master's College Board of Directors presented the plans for the new Welcome Center and Legacy Room.



The Legacy Center is designed, in part, to function as an extension of our campus library. It will feature an extensive collection of biblical and theological resources, as well as first-edition copies of all of Dr. MacArthur's collected writings. Furthermore, the Legacy Center will serve as a showcase for the various histories of The Master's College (, The Master's Seminary (, The Master's Academy International (, Grace Community Church (, and Grace To You ( Photos, memorabilia, and recorded testimonies from each of these ministries will be on display and available for guests to the Legacy Center. Lastly, the Legacy Center will serve as a new meeting area for our Campus Leadership and Board of Directors. It is our hope that, being surrounded by the faithful testimony of the past, our leadership will continue to make God-honoring advances as we progress into the future.


IMG_01070.jpgConstruction of the Legacy Center began in late May of 2010 with the clearing out of various sections of both the Campus Library and the Rutherford Administration Building. As the summer of 2010 progressed, renovation of both these buildings (which sit on either side of the Legacy Center) continued, with the remodeling of the front study area of the Library and the expanding of the lobby in the Rutherford Building into our new Welcome Center. By November of 2010, the Library remodel had been completed and students were enjoying the new study area. January of 2011 presented the college with one of the rainiest winters in recent memory, which halted construction for a few weeks, but the progress resumed and continued steadily throughout the spring semester and into summer of 2011. The campus Welcome Center officially opened the first week of August 2011 and has already proven to be an excellent hosting area for the 2,000-plus guests who visit the campus every year. Finishing touches on the interior of the Legacy Center were completed the first two weeks of September, with the rest of September and the first part of October devoted to populating the bookshelves and display cases of the Legacy Center with the photos, memorabilia, books, and personal testimonies of the various ministries.

Ministries Featured in the Legacy Center


It is the sincere desire of TMC's leadership that the Legacy Center truly live up to its name and its purpose. However, the Legacy Center will not only feature the personal legacy of Dr. MacArthur, nor will it simply feature the legacy of The Master's College, but it will showcase the legacy of The Master's Seminary, The Master's Academy International, Grace Community Church, and Grace To You radio ministry as well. Truly, it is our desire that the Legacy Center be actually a testimony to the Legacy of the Lord's faithfulness and His work in these various ministries.

The Master's College:

Founded in 1927 as Los Angeles Baptist College and Theological Seminary, The Master's College has always had as its core a commitment to honoring the Lord by pursuing academic excellence founded on the authority of God's Word. The mission of The Master's College is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, Biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God. For more information, visit

The Master's Seminary:

Beginning in 1986, The Master's Seminary exists to train up men of God who desire to be pastors and bible teachers. Located on the campus of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA, The Master's Seminary has graduated over 1200 men who are serving the Lord all around the globe. For more information, visit

The Master's Academy International:

A world-wide ministry begun of Grace Community Church, The Master's Academy International is a network of Bible training institutes scattered all over the world. Staffed by gifted teachers of God's Word, The Master's Academy International seeks to provide bible instruction for people all over the globe, with a goal of training up national pastors world-wide. For more information, visit

Grace Community Church:

In 1956, a group of born-again Christians in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California established a church whose goal was to accurately teach God's Word. Thus, Grace Community Church was founded. In February of 1969, this church called a young man in his late 20's to become their pastor. For nearly the last 43 years, Dr. John MacArthur has faithfully taught the Bible for the glory of God, and has, by God's grace, exposited every single verse of the New Testament and much of the Old Testament. For more information, visit

Grace To You:

Early in Dr. MacArthur's ministry as Pastor of Grace Community Church, congregants began recording his sermons and putting them onto audio cassettes. Organizing their efforts and creating duplicates of these messages, the seed of Grace To You radio ministry was planted. Over the subsequent decades, Grace To You expanded its efforts to broadcast Dr. MacArthur's messages in both English and Spanish hundreds of times a day across the globe, and has helped disseminate Dr. MacArthur's books and commentaries, the MacArthur Study Bible, and every single one of Pastor MacArthur's recorded sermons to individuals world-wide. For more information, visit