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Feature: John Gilbertson, TMC's double national champion

Posted on: June 10

By Michael Crawford

For the average college kid, a weekly schedule like the one listed above is a far cry from being considered “normal”.  But, for the above-average Mustang cross country and track athlete John Gilbertson, that is the life he lives, and the life he loves.

In fact, to him, that schedule IS “normal.”

“John Gilbertson is the type of guy who practices excellence in every area of life,” said eighth-year Mustang track and field head coach Zach Schroeder.  “To be an athlete that produces school record after school record, multiple NAIA All-American honors, an individual national championship title, and a world-leading time in the 10k, you have to be extremely disciplined.  I’ve never seen a collegiate athlete like John prepare to compete the way he does.”

On a surface level, Gilbertson is obviously an above-average athlete.  Holding six school records, an individual cross country national championship, being named an NAIA All-American multiple times, becoming TMC’s first ever duel-event track All-American athlete, and achieving 2013’s world-fastest time on March 29 in the 10,000 meter event, easily backs that up.

But what makes him one of the top athletes The Master’s College has ever produced runs deeper than that.

Much deeper ...

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