Policies & Guidelines

I. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to establish criteria and define eligibility and restrictions in the use of The Master's University Campus Mail Center. While the Mail Center is not a branch of the U.S. Government, we are governed by U.S. Postal regulations; therefore we must observe federal requirements in handling and processing the mail. We have also instituted other policies in order to maximize efficiency and provide a high level of service to the staff, faculty and students of The Master's College.

II. General

The Campus Mail Center exists primarily for the distribution, collection and processing of The Master's University intra-campus mail and mail sent via the USPS and various express carriers. The Master's University campus mail system is a restricted service, which is available for official business only. Official materials are those dealing with some aspect of college operations, which can be defined as essential to the activities of the institution as differentiated from private business or personal mail. It is not available for private gain or use by non-college groups for the advertisement of programs or political endorsements not sponsored by the College. However, stamps and package postage may be purchased during window hours for personal or other use.

a. Personal Mail

Personal mail is defined as any mail that is not related to TMU or your position at TMU, such as utility bills, credit card and bank accounts, periodicals not related to your position at TMU. All faculty and staff are required to receive their personal mail at home or at another permanent address. Occasional correspondence from friends and/or colleagues is acceptable. Your TMU address should never be given as your permanent address unless you live on campus. Packages received by TMU which appear to be of a personal nature will not be delivered to you. You will receive a call and will need to come and pick the package up from the Campus Mail Center.

b. Distribution of Mail to Students

To reduce sorting time, please provide all mailings in ascending box number order. If every student on-campus is receiving the same information, names and box numbers are not necessary. Full sheet mailings should be tri-folded for efficient stuffing of mailboxes. Please give two days notice in order to guarantee timely delivery of a mass mailing.

c. Distribution of Mail to Staff/Faculty

To reduce sorting time, please provide all mailings in ascending box number order. Mailing directed to specific faculty or staff requires individual name and box numbers. Faculty and staff can also distribute information by sending one flyer to each department to post, sending a bundle of flyers to each department to distribute or emailing the department.

d. Forwarding Mail Policy

Student Mail:

The distribution of inbound student mail is the responsibility of the TMU Campus Mail Center Supervisor. This includes the handling of mail for enrolled students on campus and forwarding the mail to students who have recently left the campus. First Class Mail is forwarded for a period of 12 months. NOTE: Magazine subscriptions will not be forwarded by the Campus Mail Center. The USPS will not accept magazines to be forwarded. If you know when you are leaving the college, notify magazine companies at least eight weeks in advance to let them know your new address. We apologize for the inconvenience. This is a USPS policy.

Faculty and Staff Mail:

The distribution of inbound employee mail is a shared responsibility of the Campus Mail Center supervisor and the departments to whom the mail is delivered. The responsibility for forwarding employee departmental mail is that of each department.

III. Restrictions

Examples of misuse of the campus mail system include the attempted distribution of chain letters, hate mail, obscene mail, letters to gain personal profit (pyramid schemes) and political endorsements.

While we understand that pranks are fun, the Campus Mail Center Supervisor MUST approve any pranks involving mailboxes or the Mail Center AHEAD OF TIME. Absolutely no pranks that emit any sort of odor will be allowed!

a. Enforcement

Each dean, director, or department head is responsible for determining if materials to be distributed by the Campus Mail Center relate to official business of the College. When questions occur concerning such determination, the matter must be referred to the next level of college administration (dean, director, vice president, etc.). Material found within the Campus Mail Center to be in violation of this policy will be removed immediately and the appropriate administrator will be contacted.