Mail Services Available

First Class/Priority Mail

  • This is a class of mail we use daily.
  • Personal letters, bills, postcards, etc. are items which must be sent first class.
  • Current rates are available in the Campus Mail Center.

Delivery Time

  • Average delivery time for First Class/Priority mail is 1-4 days.

Priority Mail packaging is available at the Campus Mail Center Packing Table located in the hallway by the payphone and ATM machine.

Media Mail (Formerly Special Standard Mail or Book Rate)

  • The Media Mail rate is for books, films, catalogs, records and other educational or cultural materials.

Delivery Time

  • Average delivery time is 1-10 days.

Certified Mail

  • Certified mail is used when the sender would like proof that the recipient did in fact receive the letter.
  • A signed card can be returned to the sender showing the recipient's signature and date received.
  • Certified mail may take a little longer for the addressee to receive than regular First Class mail.
  • Delays may occur if the recipient is not available to sign for the letter. The certified letter is held for pickup at the post office for a period of 15 days. If it is not picked up by the recipient within that period of time it is then returned to the sender.
  • The Certified mail piece will not be left at a residence.
  • The Mail Carrier will leave a note for the recipient.

Registered Mail

  • Registered Mail is a service provided by the USPS for maximum security when sending valuables through the mail.
  • We do not provide this service at the Campus Mail Center.

Insured Mail

  • The USPS provides insurance on First Class mail for a small fee.
  • Insured values may be anywhere between $100 and $500.
  • Any item insured for more than $500 must be taken to the Post Office -- the campus mail center will not handle those items.
  • Keep in mind that Registered Mail and Insured Mail, like Certified Mail may take a little longer because of special handling.

International Air Mail

  • International Air Mail is available to most countries.
  • The country must be written in English on the last line of the address in all capital letters.
  • Write or stamp "Air Mail" on the letter or package that is going to an international address.

A custom form must be included for packages weighing 16 ounces or more.

Postage Purchases (AKA Need a Stamp?)

Available for purchase in the Campus Mail Center are:

  • Stamps
  • Pre-stamped envelopes and postcards
  • Other packaging material/envelopes are available for purchase in the Bookstore.
  • Stamps may be purchased using cash, personal check, or charged to your department account number.

Other Departmental Charges

  • Departments are charged not only for stamps but also for business reply mail, bulk mail, postage due letters, as well as metered mail.
  • Charges are calculated monthly and a monthly report is sent to the business office.
  • If you have any questions about your charges, please contact the Campus Mail Center Supervisor at extension 3446.