The Robert L. Powell Library

The Lord has provided a rich and growing collection of traditional and electronic resources to support the programs of study at The Master's University. We are excited about making these available to support your spiritual and academic goals. Be assured that our dedicated staff is continually seeking to improve our services and provide a quiet, resourceful and inviting place to study. Please come and let us help you in any way we can. It is our privilege to serve you and contribute as much as possible to helping you develop your studies in a God honoring way. Take a minute and familiarize yourself with the particulars of our library.

Mission Statement

As the resource, reference and research arm of The Master's University, the Robert L. Powell Library exists to support the academic and scholarly programs of the college with holdings that reflect depth, excellence and diversity; serving to develop knowledge and stimulate thought. The library's focus reflects a commitment to equipping for excellence men and women for service to The Master. Beyond the academic pursuits, the library exists to serve students, alumni and faculty with efficiency, competency and amiability.

A Word About Our History

The Powell Library for many years served the Los Angeles Baptist College (LABC).  Prior to becoming The Master's College (TMC) in 1985 the Los Angeles Baptist Seminary moved to Washington State and removed its portion of the theological collection leaving 25,000 volumes.  Since becoming The Master's College the Library has greatly increased its holdings through acquiring the libraries' of George Williams College (1986), the Northeastern Bible College (1991) and the Rev. Karl W. Gillmeister (2004).  In addition many individual purchases have been made resulting in a collection in excess of 130,000 print volumes and 266 hardcopy periodicals.  With the addition of over 70 subscription online databases and indexing tools, faculty and students have 24/7 access to over 60,000 ebooks, 1,500 ereference books and 35,000 full-text electronic journals. We trust you will find what you need and we welcome any suggestions or improvements you can offer.

Last updated July, 2011.