Health Forms

Important Information:

Whether students plan to live in the residence halls or commute to TMC, the Student Health Center is available for the health of everyone on campus. In order to help keep you and our campus community healthy, we require current and accurate health information. Having this information readily available allows us to provide for your ongoing health care needs.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities, the Student Health Center must receive certain documentation prior to your enrollment:

  • Student Health Record (All forms must be completed by the student. A parent’s signature is required if the student will NOT be 18 years of age upon entering The Master's College.)
  • Copies of Immunization records
  • Immunization Waiver (if applicable)
  • Copy of current health insurance card (front and back)

If you are a new student, please email, fax, or mail signed copies of the Student Health Record with a copy of your immunization records and a copy of your medical insurance card to the Health Center as soon as possible. The forms are PDFs that may be filled out electronically, but please sign in black or blue ink. The deadline to submit health forms for students starting in the fall is August 1st. For students starting in the spring, the deadline is December 31st.



New Student Health Record

Immunization Waiver