Visitor Network Access

If you are a CPS, Credential, TMS, or Graduate student, you are not required to have a notebook computer that is connected to the wireless network at The Master's College; however, we recognize that you 
may want to take advantage of the technology that we have to offer such as 802.11g/n wireless Internet.

Bring A Notebook to TMC

If you would like to connect your personal notebook to the TMC network, it must have the following minimum configuration specifications in order to warrant connection to TMC's wireless network:

•   Windows 7 or above or Mac OS X 10.9 or above 

•   Intel i3 Processor or better

•   2 GB of RAM

•   250 GB Hard Drive

•   802.11g/n or newer wireless

Please note that this is the minimum configuration that can be used effectively on our network. If your current notebook does not meet the above minimum requirements, you will need to upgrade it or purchase a more powerful system. If you do not have an 802.11g/n wireless card, you can purchase one from any computer store.

Information on memory upgrades for your PC can be found at