Joule Support

New to Joule? Need to know where things are located? We have compiled a list of resources to help you get up and running with Joule.


 Getting Started with Joule

This tutorial gives you a good overview of the Joule Homepage and where everything is located.


  Viewing Your Grades in Joule

Professors will be uploading your course grades on Joule throughout the semester. This documentation will walk you through how to view your grades.


  Submitting Assignments in Joule

Some professors may require you to submit your assignments online. These instructions will show you how to:

Upload a file assignment

Submit an online assignment


  Taking a Quiz in Joule

Professors have the option of giving online quizzes and tests in Joule. This documentation will show you how to submit a quiz in Joule.


  Participating in a Forum in Joule

Classwork may include participation in online forums on Joule. These instructions will show you how to:

Add a topic to a forum

Reply to a forum

Delete a forum post


  Using the Calendar in Joule

Joule provides a calendar functionality that allows you to track classes, deadlines, and personal events in one place. These instructions will help you:

Add a calendar event

Edit a calendar event

View the different levels of your calendar