Using SugarSync

What is SugarSync?

TMC provides the SugarSync software for select users to deliver network storage for the users’ TMC-related documents, replacing the individual user U: drives. SugarSync gives users local access to their TMC documents while ensuring cloud network storage for data security and file backup.

Which files are backed up on SugarSync?

Any folders created on the Desktop of your computer will be set to backup with SugarSync.  Placing a shortcut on the Desktop will not back up the actual files to which the shortcut is pointing.  The Magic Briefcase folder in My Documents may also be used if you need to synchronize files with a mobile device.

SugarSync Policies and Procedures

The use of this software is governed by TMC IT Operations and is subject to the following restrictions and policies below.

  • You will be allowed an adequate data storage limit. Increases to this limit must be approved by IT Operations.
  • You may only store TMC-related documents in SugarSync folders. Any personal files such as photos, music, videos, and personal documents may not be used with SugarSync; you must make your own provisions for backing this data up.
  • You may not store documents that contain sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers, in SugarSync folders. These documents must be stored on TMC network drives.
  • You may share SugarSync folders only with other TMC SugarSync accounts. Any shared folders must be password protected to ensure only the intended recipient can view the files.
  • You are not allowed to install SugarSync or synchronize your TMC documents to a personal computer. Do not save documents on classroom desktops.
  • You are permitted to use SugarSync’s mobile application on your mobile devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android phone). Please make sure your mobile device is secured with a PIN. SugarSync Mobile also has PIN functionality for increased security. In the event of mobile device theft, please wipe the device immediately, and then contact IT Operations immediately to protect your SugarSync data.
  • IT Operations only provides support for the use of SugarSync on TMC-issued devices. Due to the variety of mobile devices available, SugarSync is best equipped to support personal mobile devices directly at 877-SUG-SYNC (877-784-7962).

SugarSync Tutorials