Faculty and Staff Data Storage Policy

 What is our policy?

In order to protect and secure TMU electronic files, TMU staff and faculty are required to store all work-related data on storage devices provided and managed by the TMU Information Technology Department.

Electronic files with sensitive data must not be copied to any storage device (including but not limited to flash drives, hard drives, or internet-based storage resources) not provided and managed by the TMU Information Technologies Department.

All faculty and staff at The Master’s University are responsible for ensuring that any sensitive data they store complies with this policy.


  What is sensitive data?

Sensitive data includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Student data
  • Donor data
  • Human resource data
  • Financial data
  • Any data containing Social Security Numbers
  • Any other data that can lead to identity theft


Best practices for handling sensitive data:

The following suggestions are best practices for protecting sensitive data:

  • Set a password on any computer or device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) that has access to sensitive information (see below for best password practices)
  • Lock your computer when you step away
  • Do not send sensitive information or passwords over email, Google docs, etc.
  • Store sensitive data on as few devices as possible
  • Report any accidental disclosure or theft of information to the appropriate authority
  • Report theft of any device containing sensitive data to IT Operations as soon as possible
  • Do not use Dropbox or any other unapproved form of backup and file sharing service.


  Best password practices:

  • Never write your password down
  • Never give out your password to another
  • Never send a password over email


Password creation tips:

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters in length
  • You should not reuse your last 10 passwords
  • Avoid using words found in the dictionary

Passwords must contain characters from at least three of the following four classes:



English uppercase letters

A, B, C

English lowercase letters

a, b, c

Westernized Arabic Numerals

0, 1, 2

Non-alphanumeric (special characters)

#, $, !, %, @, ?, -, *


 Accessing and Storing Data:

You can access your department network storage drive by navigating to File Storage Root (X:)\Dept\choose your departmentPlease save all critical data onto your department drive.  Data on the network is backed up nightly, whereas data on your local PC is not backed up.

Non work related files such as personal music and digital pictures should only be stored on the local drive.  Please save such files to My Documents.  You may periodically back this data up by burning it to a CD or external hard drive.