Faculty and Staff Computing and Support

TMU Information Technology Resources

diskettes Data Storage Policy including Sensitive Data

Can I copy work files onto a flash drive or email them to my personal email address to work on at home or on a business trip or vacation?


Email E-mail Usage and Spam Tips

I notice that I am getting a lot of spam. How do I turn on the spam filter for my Outlook client and TMU Web E-mail? Is there a E-mail mailbox quota? What happens when I exceed it?


Printer Campus Copier and Printer Information

Check here to find out the hours of the staff copy center, where to get a replacement toner for your copier, access Copier tutorials, and other campus copier information.


Phone Use of Personal Computers and Smartphones on Campus

Check here for information on use of personal computers, devices and peripherals on campus.


 Faculty and Staff Software Policy

Does your department have special software needs? Do you have questions about acquiring software or about the level of support that we can provide for non-standard software programs? Do you need access to Microsoft® software for work-at-home use? Check here to find out about our policies.


Computer Purchase and Request Policies

When will I be due for a new computer? Can faculty and staff have a Mac instead of a PC? Here you will find answers to these questions.


  Special Offers for TMU Faculty and Staff

You can save on personal hardware and software purchases through academic discounts and other special offers.