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Boyd's new book takes a fresh look at the Flood

Posted on: April 30

By Rachel Lawson

One look into Dr. Steven Boyd’s office and you’ll see papers and books piled high, evidence of a man who spends quite a bit of time in there; and it’s usually with students discussing their latest assignment.

Along with a passion for biblical Hebrew, Boyd has a strong desire to help his language students succeed in their chosen field. The publication of his book, Grappling with The Chronology of The Genesis Flood: Navigating The Flow of Time In Biblical Narrative demonstrates this. The book, which will be published by Master Books, is available for pre-order on Amazon and Christian Book Distributors and will be released before the end of the summer.

This book, the first of three, explores the technical aspects of the Flood’s internal chronology, historicity and significance in world and biblical history. It also aids Christian researchers and scientists in the fields of geology, geophysics and paleontology by showing the reality of the Flood and its global scale.

Boyd made note that the Flood is profoundly theological, and therefore the structure of the Flood is to bring out the theology. Therefore, the events of the Flood are not necessarily arranged chronologically. This opened the doors to higher criticism, liberalism and rationalism, which ultimately led people to doubt the truth of the Bible. The book goes on the offense against these criticisms.

Boyd originally became involved in the Flood research through Dr. Steven Austin, who was a geologist with the Institute for Creation Research. Once Boyd started studying the Flood extensively, his former student Lee Anderson suggested that he send a proposal for a book on the topic to Ken Ham at Answers In Genesis.

“Andrew Snelling, the Director of Research at Answers In Genesis, looked at the proposal in 2008 and really liked it,” Boyd said. “AIG decided to support this research and I realized that I could not tackle this project by myself.”

“In WWII and the Korean War, the allies would say that they lost the hill to the enemy during battle,” Boyd said.

In order to win the war, he needed to take others into battle with him.

Snelling became co-editor of the book along with Boyd, and the project extensively involved former students from The Master’s College: Lee Anderson, Drew Longacre, Laney Stroop and Kai Akagi. All four alumni were previous Hebrew students of Boyd.

“The most rewarding part of this experience has been the students who got involved, through my tutelage and also because of their sheer brilliance,” Boyd said. “They have produced some truly scholarly contributions through their chapters, even to the point of challenging the regnant understanding of temporal progression in biblical Hebrew narrative.”

Boyd said it was always Anderson’s dream to work for Answers In Genesis, and the book has made it a reality. Anderson has the privilege of working alongside Snelling as his research assistant at AIG’s headquarters in Kentucky.

Besides Anderson’s significant job opportunity, the other alumni will be published scholars when the book releases. Boyd commented that it is highly unusual for editors of these books to recognize their contributors, but he wasn’t going to go with the flow.

“I wanted their names on the chapters they wrote so that they could get the credit for their own work,” Boyd said. Along with the significance of alumni success, he hopes the book will further reveal the truth of the Bible.

“With this book we have the opportunity to retake the hill, and that’s exciting.”

For more information about Dr. Boyd's new book -- and to order it on Amazon -- click here.

Rachel Lawson is a TMC communications major.