dwaldeck.jpg Head Coach Dan Waldeck

For 16 years, Dan Waldeck had been an irreplaceable component of one of the most successful women's basketball programs in the country. During that span as an assistant, his coaching and recruiting skills had been primary reasons why The Master's College was a perennial GSAC title contender, a regular in the NAIA Top 25, and a nine-time participant in the NAIA National Tournament.

However, along the way, Waldeck yearned for something more: his own team. Despite loving what he did at his alma mater, he was willing to pursue other opportunities in search of his dream. When those didn't pan out, he even considered leaving the profession altogether. But those thoughts and plans never came to fruition because his wish to be a head coach was granted in the wake of Ken Sugarman's resignation in the spring of 2008.

This was no courtesy handoff, either. Realizing that he had been just as much a reason for the program's success as anybody, had been faithful in his coaching and other athletic-related areas, and loved his job made it an easy decision for then-Athletic Director Paul Berry.

Over the past six years, he hasn't deviated much from the up-tempo, pressure philosophy that had been so successful over the years, but fans have seen subtle changes that match up with what he has learned over the years as a capable student of the game. During the last two seasons, the Lady Mustangs have earned top 10 national rankings and have competed in the National Tournament.  Two things that haven't changed are his enthusiasm and energy level for the sport balanced by a great sense of humor.

Looking back, it's hard to believe it's been eighteen years since Waldeck joined the coaching staff. For part of that time he was enjoying a successful financial planning career along with moonlighting for women's basketball until the fall of 2002. Intrigued by an offer from Berry, Waldeck scrapped his "day" job and added the position of head coach of the cross-country team to his duties on the court.

Giving that up after a couple of years, Waldeck took on the responsibility of Sports Information Director where his dynamic web skills made it possible for Mustang fans to read about, listen to, and watch games via the Internet.

Although he enjoyed coaching cross-country duties and made a significant impact as Sports Information Director, Waldeck was most at home on the hardwood where he impacts the lives of players in the present and for eternity.

Dan and his wife, Cindy, have two children, Tori and Braelyn, and live in Santa Clarita.