Connor Miele Joins TMC Golf Team!

With Kevin Anderson, the only senior from last year's team graduating, the TMC Men's Golf team needed to recruit one incoming freshman.  They are pleased to welcome Connor Miele, from Everett, WA to the TMC college golf program.  From Coach Semelsberger, "We are thrilled to have Connor join our TMC Golf family.  He loves the Lord, is fun to be around and is very talented on the golf course.  Lord willing, I can't wait to spend four years with him on our team".  Here are some additional thoughts from Connor as he looks forward to his time at The Master's College.

Background/Recent Accomplishments: "I stayed busy this summer, playing five events, with my best finish being 73-74-75 resulting in a tie for 14th out of 70 players at the Snohomish County Amateur, a big local tournament in the area I live in. I attempted to qualify for the United States Amateur, but I missed the cut by quite a few shots. This summer has been a very different one than I have ever experienced. The Lord really put golf into perspective these last few months, and I feel that I am gaining a new perspective and looking at failures and tough times on the course differently than I have in the past. I'm convicted by the fact that I absolutely cannot play this game on my own. It is becoming more and more apparent just how much I need to rely on Christ, and know that my hope isn't in the game of golf, but in Him. Reflecting on what has happened this summer, I know that although the golf hasn't exactly gone according to my plan, He has even bigger and better plans for me. I find hope knowing that I am heading down to TMC with an awesome group of brothers, and that I can mature and work hard at the game of golf. I am very excited to see what He has in store for our team."

What I am excited about in joining the TMC family: "Golf has really been a trip and God has used it as an incredible tool in my life. I've learned humility, how to persevere and work diligently at a passion, and more life lessons then I can count. Coach Semelsberger and the team at TMC were a very sound fit, not only because California sunshine means 365 days of golf, but Coach's team philosophy, and how Christ-centered he keeps and expects things to be really coincide with what I was looking for in a school and in a family. I've had my fair share of selfish times on the golf course, and I am incredibly excited to mature and do some growing up at TMC along with my teammates, and realize that in the end, golf is really just a game."

Goals for the future: "I have no intention to start my playing career down at TMC with expectations, but I would love to play on a team that has the chance to compete at the national level. I saw the experience that the guys were able to have last year at nationals; it's hard to see photos and hear what the guys had to say about the tournament and not want to be a part of something like that. I think competing on a scale that big would be incredible, and I want to do all I can while I'm down there to make that a reality. Ultimately, my main hope is to really become a family with the guys on the team and use golf as a tool to grow in my walk with the Lord. Too often I find myself forgetting that playing golf is so trivial, and that we as believers have so much more to invest in and to look forward to."