2010 Spring Production

Directed by Kellie Cunningham

If you liked "Singing in the Rain," you would have loved TMC Theatre Arts' revival of the 1929 play "The Nut Farm," written by J.C. Brownell and directed by Kellie Cunningham.

Set in the age of Hollywood's silver screen, this comedy follows would-be talking picture producer, Willie Barton, as he tries to keep his nutty family from ruin. Will Willie's sister Helen convince her husband Bob to give up buying a California nut farm and make the motion picture of her dreams? It was the nuttiest performance of the year!


Nut Farm

Starring: Kara Vanderbijl, James Phillipps, Paul Boyne, Kylie Dempsey, Dr. Taylor Jones, Cambrie Caldweel, David Phillipps, Sam Wullbrandt, Mike Crawford, Brighton Prentice

From the Press

What the papers were saying when "The Nut Farm" was first produced in 1929

- Chicago Tribune

"This nut farm is a crop of human units who go daffy over the movies, go broke when they go nutty, and solemnly make a whole lot of splendid fun out of their tragic experiences with an ending that is satisfactory and immensely happy."
- Amy Leslie in the Chicago News