2009 Season

Millionaire Banner


Suggested by the book, "My Philadelphia Father" by Cordelia Drexel Biddle and Kyle Crichton

Directed by Tricia Hulet

Performance Dates: March 19-28, 2009

This is a lively story about an eccentric millionaire who has pet alligators and prize fighter… at dinner parties and in the parlor! This comedy is sure to delight with laughter and enrich family values and relationships.


OUTSTANDING! - Everything was just absolutely fabulous. It made me SO PROUD of TMC to see something done so professionally, so passionately, and with so much evident enjoyment of all those involved -- and that enjoyment flowed out to the audience, and we were just knocked out by the show! - Grant Horner


PRAISE & ADULATION! - The team of actors, actresses and all the stage crew and supporting staff deserve a tremendous round of applause. Laughter does good like a medicine… - Bob Somerville


Starring ...
Roger Festa, Kara VanderBijl, Lauren Montague, James Phillipps, Joshua Ward, Ben Blakey, Mary Starnes, Rachel Hayes, Joshua Masiko, Jesse Sloan, Tommy del Muro, Jordan Beakley, Mark Golike, and Paul Boyne