Phonathon.jpgOver 60 student volunteers spent two weeks in September calling alumni across the country to rekindle relationships with former undergraduate and graduate students of The Master's College.

Callers reached out to almost 2,000 alumni to update them about new developments at the college, reconnect and encourage annual gifts.

"We had a lot of fun doing so," said Steve Dixon, ('81) who developed the phone outreach effort, recruited and trained students to "reach out to those who came before us."

It's all part of an annual fund effort at The Master's College that seeks to generate donations and interest in the college's scholarship programs and other annual needs of the campus.

Some alumni donated as much as $1000 with many smaller gifts recorded during the two-week effort.

"What's so significant here is that we're reaching out to alumni and rebuilding long-standing friendships," Dixon said.

The annual fund effort will continue this winter and spring to continue the positive relationship building, according to Dixon. All the students in the effort were volunteers who worked late into the evening making calls...fueled by pizza, cola, and a sincere desire to help other students by generating support for scholarships and college improvements.

As part of the annual fund effort, the student teams made 1,635 calls to alumni with 254 alumni responding. In some cases alumni committed to making regular monthly gifts to support The Master's College.

"This is a wonderful response to our first phone outreach of this kind in over 20 years," said Dixon. "Both our students and our alumni enjoyed the interaction."

Photo Caption: Pictured above is one of our calling teams. Over sixty student volunteers participated in eight different phone teams.