By Derek Tong, class of 1993

In its beautiful and ravishing setting, nestled in the heart of the Santa Clarita foothills, or as it was called back then the San Fernando Valley, The Master's College dramatically and radically enlivened my Christian faith. 

What a blessing, a Christian liberal arts college with such godly and dedicated professors. I was away from home for the first time, and TMC helped me learn how to associate and get along with others. 

Interestingly enough, Dr. Mark Tatlock (who now serves as the school’s provost) happened to be the resident director of my dorm, Hotchkiss Hall. 

Without a car my first two years, I relied on others to take me to church and other places. Grace Community church, by the way, with Dr. John MacArthur in the pulpit was so incredible. This, from one whose home congregation usually did not surpass 100. 

I loved the courses offered at college with their Christian worldview. After a while, college didn't seem so hard, just a lot of work.  For me, it took a lot of studying and preparation–no IEP in college.  But I plugged along, taking mostly GE classes until I my junior year, when I decided Communications was the route to take.  I enjoyed professor Sam Mathies, Drs. Lowell Saunders and Julie Larsen.  Their instructional style was unique and I learned so much.

The missions trips we went on opened our eyes to the physical and spiritual needs of the world. One year I went to Tijuana, another Arizona and one summer I even travelled to Russia. Matthew 28.19-20 became a lifelong reality and driving force, how no matter what we did (in life), we could take the message of Christ to the lost.

My studies there fueled within me a desire for graduate school in my home state of Ohio, which led to employment at a Navajo Mission School in New Mexico.  Eventually I obtained my teaching certificate (K-8) from the University of New Mexico and taught school for a dozen years. 

Now my TMC writing courses are coming in handy and my first book will soon hit the press. All praise to God for His blessing, empowerment, and specifically for The Master's College.