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The Mustang Athletic Fund is dedicated to supporting the spiritual development of our students through athletics. Together, members of the Mustang Athletic Fund provide invaluable support for all 160+ student-athletes at The Master’s College, and every gift has a significant impact on their ability to succeed in the classroom, in competition and in the community. The Mustang Athletic Fund is the backbone of the financial commitment to support the spiritual, educational and athletic excellence of each student-athlete who competes for the Mustangs. In recognition of their financial support, Mustang Athletic Fund members are offered a wide variety of exclusive benefits including access to tickets, parking and hospitality.



As Master’s Athletics is dedicated to the spiritual development of our students through athletics, an essential part of that equation involves our financial commitment to each individual team. There are so many ways for our friends and supporters to make an impact. Each of our 12 teams requires adequate funding to support the team in meeting their day-to-day operational needs.


The goal of Mustang Athletics is to recruit and develop student-athletes who will excel in the classroom and compete at a championship level in every sport. The Master's College currently faces the challenge of not being funded at the GSAC and NAIA maximum scholarship levels. This is a critical component of our ability to pursue excellence by competing at the highest level.


Athletic scholarship costs make up a significant portion of the Mustang Athletics operating expenses. Growing the Endowment is essential to the long term sustainability of our sports and will allow us the freedom to use annual funds for operating needs and facility enhancements. Based on a 4% annual payout, $1,000,000 is needed in order to fully fund the $40,000+ cost of a scholarship for one student athlete. Further, an endowed scholarship lasts forever and will fund in perpetuity many incredible student-athletes in the generations to come.


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