Micah Dixon

email: mdixon@masters.edu
phone: 1 (661) 362-2216

I was born in beautiful Southern California, and growing up with the mountains and beach easily accessed in the same day was going to be a hard thing to leave for college. So although I checked out many other schools, TMU was where God had me. I did initially choose the college for its location, but reaped far more benefits in my 4 years there. The truth I learned and Christian world view I developed both grew me then, and continues to impact me now.

I spent the first year out of college traveling as much as I could, and the second year at a corporate job. But after all that I am so thankful to now be a part of the Admissions Staff here at TMU. I look forward to helping many students come to a college where they’ll have a blast and learn how to honor Jesus Christ in all aspects of life.