The Master's College

Course Descriptions

Ms. Betty Price

An overview of principles of inductive Bible study and the application of those principles to a book of the New Testament, to a topical study and to a biographical character study. Class work involves a variety of study exercises in OT books, NT books and Psalms. In each of these aspects of study there is an emphasis on life change and spiritual growth in knowing God more deeply through His Word.

Dr. Ernie Baker

A general introduction to basic concepts and distinctive features of biblical counseling. Students will discuss what biblical counseling is and what it involves, the role of the counselor in biblical counseling, the different kinds of counseling that are needed, the place of counseling in the ministry of the church, how biblical counseling theory and practice relate to and differ from some of the more common secular models and theories. Part of the course will involve a personal improvement project in which the student will evaluate his/her own counseling qualifications, design a plan for improving some area of his/her life, put that plan into action and then evaluate his/her progress as the course draws to a close.

BC340 MARRIAGE & FAMILY (3 units)
Dr. Ernie Baker

Marriage and family problems are present in the majority of counseling cases. This course will give an overview of general marriage and family counseling issues relating to the content and process of counseling. It will then proceed to specifically deal (from a biblical perspective) with the major difficulties that trouble marriages and family experiences. Included in the course are discussions of the biblical basis and purposes of marriage, family stages, in-law problems, developing unity, husband/wife roles and responsibilities, correcting communication problems, why conflicts arise and how to resolve them.


Mrs. Mary Somerville
This course provides basic training in developing and maintaining a women's discipleship ministry within the local church. Topics include the priority of discipleship, a biblical definition of discipleship and training in the "how to's" of discipleship.


Mrs. Mary Somerville

This course outlines the basic concepts and distinctive features of woman-to-woman Biblical counseling. It will focus on Gospel Centered Counseling , that is, the process of one Christian coming alongside another woman with words of truth from God's Word to encourage, admonish, comfort and challenge. These words of truth are grounded in the saving work of Christ and presented in the context of relationship. The course will present the practical principles of understanding how the gospel applies to every area of life. Discussion in this course will include a description of the qualifications of biblical counselors, the roles of the counselor in biblical counseling and the role of counseling in the ministry of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the theological foundations of biblical counseling and the key aspects of progressive sanctification. In addition, practical suggestions will be given concerning the counseling process which brings broken and hurting people to the love of Christ and His sufficient Word. Case studies will be utilized to enhance learning. The goal is to equip women to fulfill their scriptural mandate to disciple other women and bring ultimate glory to God.


Ms. Betty Price

Training for women in preparation, organization and delivery of personal testimonies, devotionals and women's Bible studies. The course will aid female students preparing for women's ministry or youth ministry. Each student will have opportunities to speak before the class and receive evaluations by the instructor and other students.

Mrs. Nancy Barshaw
This course provides basic training in how to develop a women's ministry in a local church. Topics include the biblical foundation for such a ministry from Titus 2:3-5, qualifications and preparation of leaders (Titus 2:3 and 1 Timothy 3:11), how to lead a small group, how to teach a Bible study, planning retreats and other events, counseling, admonishing, discipleship and how to lead a working committee.


BMN321 WOMEN'S ISSUES (3 units)
Mrs. Glenda Hotton

An issue is defined as a controversy, matter of dispute, unsettled matter, and it is an ongoing action. This class will discuss topics having a clear decisive relevance to issues facing women today. It will examine values/beliefs, depression, emotions, addictions, abuse, eating disorders, divorce, communication, transitions, abortion, adoption, disabilities and church counseling.

Ms. Sam Neylan

One of the most practical skills that can be utilized in the church and in the community is organizing gatherings where people can fellowship, learn and grow. Some of those gatherings include general parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals, baby showers, community outreach events, Bible studies, conferences and retreats. This course will offer the Biblical ideology and the basic skills training required for successful Event Planning. Some topics that will be covered are: worship, motive, character qualities of a leader/organizer, pro-activity, attention to details, organizational methods, common sense, humility, communication, delegation, overseeing volunteers and paid staff, facilities knowledge and problem solving. In addition to interactive lecture, this course will also include planning, organizing, executing and debriefing an assigned event.   This practical course should serve the student well in life, whether the skills are used in secular arenas or formal ministry and/or everything in between. 

Ms. Betty Price

Our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ comes through the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the people of God. In this course you will read biblically sound content related to various areas of our daily lives written by many different authors (both classic and contemporary), and together we will ask God to teach us about Himself and how to walk with Him and grow in Him. You will write responses to what you read and apply it to your own life, and then we will interact as a group about what we are reading and how God is using it to bring about growth in our lives.

Ms. Lisa LaGeorge

This workshop will investigate both the theological and practical issues involved in living a life focused on calling people to be reconciled to God. The course content will include an introduction to evangelism and missionary care through a local church. Class will include site visits to local organizations and ministries, and students will be involved practically in support ministries and outreach opportunities in the local community.