Program Description:

The Master’s University in Italy is a new study abroad program, based in incomparably beautiful Italy!  Our focus is to provide a unique, deeply biblical approach to intellectual history, grounded in the study of the European Renaissance and Reformation.  Students will live in Florence for six weeks in the summer and earn twelve (12) undergraduate credits in a variety of General Education courses while deeply immersed in Italian culture and Renaissance history.

picture of italy


The modern world is the child of the Italian Renaissance. All modernist worldview issues were first fully formulated in the Renaissance, in both the sciences and the humanities.  Florence, the city in which TMU in Italy will be based, is the cradle of the Renaissance and the birthplace of the modern world.  It is the city of Dante, Petrarch, Giotto, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Galileo, Boccaccio, Cimabue, Brunelleschi and Donatello, the Medici banking family, Botticelli, Savonarola, Machiavelli, Rossini.  And, of course, Amerigo Vespucci—for whom America was named.  With all this in mind, we have created a program grounded in the exploration of the dual questions “quid est homo?” (“what is Man?”) asked by the Italian Renaissance Christian Humanist scholars , and the related biblical question “what is man that Thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8).  .


We will be living in a lovely Medieval/Renaissance period villa in Florence with trips to Rome, Venice, and Pisa, as well as extensive time spent in museums, palaces, classical-era ruins, Renaissance gardens, the Vatican museum and libraries, and the famous Mediterranean Coast.

Class Offerings and Descriptions:

We will offer a series of General Education required courses for students to choose from. Our summer semesters are designed to help students graduate on-time, or even early. Students can even go directly to IBEX after Italy, and save the cost of airfare.  The typical student will take two survey-level courses and two upper division Oxford-style tutorials.  The academically intensive tutorials will have 2-5 students in socratic discussion—and in both the courses and the tutorials the major focus will be an exploratory discussion of Man: his origin, creative nature, purpose and end.

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Lower Division Gen-Ed courses:

  • English Literature I or II; World Literature I or II; Italy in Literature (any for literature elective credit)
  • World History I or II (either for history credit)
  • Art History of the Western World (for Introduction to Music and Art credit)

Upper Division Tutorials:

  • Literature courses: Virgil (Aeneid); Homer (Iliad and/or Odyssey); Shakespeare; Milton; Dante; Romanticism; Ovid and Classical Mythology; The Life, Influences and Writings of Robert and Elizabeth Browning
  • History credit: Renaissance Cultural History; European Intellectual History; History of Ancient Rome
  • Theology: Reformation Historical Theology; Christian Worldview
  • Language: Introductory Latin; Introductory Italian
  • Communications/Writing: Travel Writing


Dr. Grant Horner | Prof. Esther Chua


Approximate cost of the program is 10K for airfare, room and board, side trips to Italian cities, and tuition for 12 units.

Application Process Descriptions:

For each student interested in The Master’s University in Italy Program, we will require a completed application and letters of recommendation, as listed on the application.  We will begin collecting applications in late October to the beginning of November and will then contact students individually for individual and group interviews. Once selected, students are asked to give a refundable deposit and to enroll in our mandatory 1 unit Introduction to Italian Culture course in the spring semester. 

Turn in your application by December 9th to Professor Esther Chua either by delivering it to her office, sending it in the mail (TMU Box #15), or emailing it to For further questions please email