Study Abroad Programs

The Master's College study abroad degree programs provide students with numerous opportunities for off-campus learning experiences locally, nationally and internationally.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Students at The Master's College are eligible to take courses in environmental field studies through the Au Sable Institute. This Christian organization offers college-level courses at campuses in Michigan (Great Lakes); Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington; Tangier Island, Virginia; Tamil Nadu, South Africa; and Kenya, Africa during January and in the summer. The four-unit course offerings include Marine Stewardships, Plant Ecology and Aquatic Biology among others. The students register at The Master's College for LS348 Biological Field Studies and take the course at the respective campus. The Institute also offers a Stewardship Ecologist Certificate, Naturalist Certificate and Land Resources Analyst Certificate. Several fellowships and scholarships are available through the Institute. Contact Dr. Dennis Englin, the Au Sable campus representative, about current offerings and registration procedures. Students earn 4 semester hours of credit. This program is sponsored by The Master's College & Seminary.

Israel Bible EXtension (IBEX)

This 15-week semester abroad program is a high quality educational opportunity in Israel for students who wish to enhance their knowledge of the Bible's historical, archaeological and geographic background. Classroom lectures are integrated with extensive field trips. Together, these expose the student to every corner of the land and to every period of the history of the people of that land. The student's educational experience, as well as his/her personal maturation, will be significantly enhanced by the cross-cultural experience which the semester provides. Students must apply for this program, be in reasonable physical condition and free of medical limitations, and must have completed Old Testament Survey I prior to participation. For information on IBEX, see the IBEX pages within the Biblical Studies section of this catalog and/or contact the IBEX Office at 1-800-568-6248. This program is sponsored by The Master's College & Seminary.