Political Studies

The Department of Political Studies is designed to help all students develop an understanding of the complex factors that have produced the civilizations of the present and also aid students in becoming responsible Christian citizens. Especially because of our emphasis on systematic research and analysis, Political Studies majors receive instruction in preparing for careers in education, business, government service, public relations, or library work, as well as graduate study in law, theology, history, or political science.

The department acknowledges that, in human affairs of the past, present and future, God is sovereign. With that foundational truth, students are aided in developing Christian philosophies of history and politics as parts of an overarching biblically-based world view.

When pursuing a Political Studies degree from our Christian university in California students may choose from three available emphases: American Politics, Constitutional Law, or Political Theory. Although a capable person can get into law school with almost any major, the Constitutional Law emphasis constitutes excellent preparation for law school.

Tuition Information

No matter your background, you can be assured that a bible-centered education is attainable at The Master’s University. Our students enjoy some of the lowest tuition rates for a private institution in the nation. We are dedicated to providing unbeatable value with every History and Political Studies course. Choosing a college is a tough decision however you slice it. With The Master’s University, you don’t have to choose between preparedness and financial security.


The cost of the History/Political Studies degree is itemized as follows:


12 to 18 units, per semester


Less than 12 units, per unit


More than 18 units, per unit


Summer or Winter Session, per unit


Audit, per unit


Transfer Information

Even if you’re not enrolling as a freshman, it is still possible to get a History/Political Studies degree from The Masters University. Students may transfer previous credits to the program under certain conditions. These factors include standing with a previous institution, GPA, amount of credits being transferred, types of courses and previous college accreditation. Switching colleges can be stressful, so we’ve put all the information you’ll need on our Transfer Policy page.

Financial Aid

The two types of assistance History/Political Studies students can apply for are known as gift aid and self-help aid. Gift aid refers to any financial assistance that the student has no obligation to repay. Examples of gift aid include scholarships and grants. Self-help aid is another type of assistance that can help a student fund their education. Anyone who receives this type of assistance is required to pay back the amount in full. See more information on The Master’s University Financial Aid page.

Career Paths

Students who graduate with a History/Political Studies degree often achieve in the following career paths: 

  • Archivist
  • Historian
  • Politician
  • Political Scientist
  • Lobbyist
  • Museum Curator