All prospective students must be able to play major and minor scales and arpeggios with facility and appropriate fingerings, and be prepared to sight-read at the audition. The audition must be memorized and demonstrate technical facility and musicality in the following works or their equivalents:

Two memorized pieces representing contrasting classical time periods and styles, such as a Bach Prelude and Fugue with a Chopin Etude or Polonaise, or a fast tempo movement from a Beethoven, Mozart, or Haydn Sonata with a Debussy or Katchaturian piece.

Suggested Titles:

Selection from Well Tempered Clavier (Bach)

Any Chopin Etude, Polonaise, Scherzo, Ballade or similar work by Schubert or Brahms

Khachaturian Toccata or another major work by Dello Joio, Bartok, Barber or Hindemith

Debussy Preludes

Mendelssohn Preludes/Fugues

Be prepared to play only a selection of longer pieces.