Other Ensembles

Piano Ensemble

Piano Ensembles at The Master's College come together every Christmas to perform arrangements of beloved carols with 12 and sometimes 24 pianists making up each group.  Piano ensembles, directed by Dr. Ken Mays and Dr. Katherine Kelly, also perform at various piano and chamber ensemble concerts throughout the year.

The Master's College Big Band, directed by Dr. Stephen Opfer, provides students the experience of performing the various styles of big band music.  This group provides concerts for the college each semester in addition to performing at various community events and at Disneyland's Carnation Plaza each year.

The Master's College Jazz Quartet, directed by Prof. Sarah Dixon, performs with the TMC Big Band each semester in their on-campus concerts as well as at Disneyland each year.

Other Ensembles:  Guitar Ensemble, Small Instrumental Ensembles, Pep Band and Barbershop Quartets dependant on student availability.

Students regularly appear in studio and compostion recitals each semester.