Liberal Studies & Education


The Liberal Studies major at The Master's University is designed to offer the student a broad, interdisciplinary program of study - the epitome of the liberal arts education.

Two degree options are available:  BA in Liberal Studies/General Emphasis and BA in Liberal Studies/Teacher Education Emphasis.


Tuition Information

Unlike private colleges throughout the country, the price of tuition at The Master’s University has not risen dramatically. In fact, our Liberal Studies courses are affordable without sacrificing excellence. A Christ-focused education is within reach of more students due our commitment to low tuition costs. Keeping course costs low is a top priority for our institution, so you never have to worry about breaking the bank on your path to success.


The cost of the Liberal Studies degree is itemized as follows:


12 to 18 units, per semester


Less than 12 units, per unit


More than 18 units, per unit


Summer or Winter Session, per unit


Audit, per unit


Transfer Information

If you have already completed some level of college education and would like to transfer to The Master’s University, we help make it happen. We determine which credits can transfer over to our Liberal Studies program by considering a number of factors. These include standing with a previous institution, GPA, number of credits transferred, course types and previous college accreditation. See more information about this topic at our Transfer Policy page.

Financial Aid

Students who are interested in the Liberal Studies program, but would like to receive financial aid have options through The Master’s University. Gift aid and self-help aid are available to those who require financial assistance. Students who receive gift aid are not required to repay any amount received. Examples of gift aid include scholarships and grants. Self-help aid can also help a student fund their education. This type of assistance is repaid through work-study programs, loans or certain other means. Learn more about this topic on our Financial Aid page.

Career Paths

Graduates with Liberal Studies degrees enjoy careers in a variety of fields:

  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • Banking


Liberal Studies - General Emphasis

  The Liberal Studies – General Emphasis major is designed to give students a broad, interdisciplinary program of study in four main subject areas:  English/Communications, Science/Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts. Liberal Studies students develop skills in communication and critical thinking while exploring content and connections between disciplines in preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields, including those related to Human Services and Business, as well as future graduate study in fields related to the four subject areas.  This program is attractive to students who wish to undertake a study program that is both personally interesting and academically challenging while they develop a Biblical worldview. 


Liberal Studies - Teacher Education Emphasis

 Students desiring to become elementary school teachers should enroll in the Liberal Studies - Teacher Education emphasis. Students in this emphasis also engage in a broad, interdisciplinary program of study in the four main subject areas (English/Communications, Science/Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts), including special content area coursework designed for future K-6 teachers.  This program is considered to be the best path for students to prepare for the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET), required as part of the application for the Fifth-Year Teaching Credential Program.