The Israel Bible EXtension program, called "IBEX", is The Master's University extension study abroad program in Israel. The IBEX program provides a unique laboratory experience, studying the Bible in the Land of the Bible. This 15-week semester abroad program consists of 13-16 credits and is crafted to meet general education requirements. In addition to the semester-abroad program, other short term Christian study abroad programs are available (see Programs for details).

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Our extension campus is in the Jerusalem vicinity.

Facilities include:

  • dormitory
  • cafeteria
  • library
  • classroom
  • student lounge


The price for a semester in Israel (including tuition, full board and class-related travel expenses) is the same as that of a TMU student living on the California campus, plus the cost of airfare.

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Student Blogs

Check out some of this semester's IBEX blogs.


For more information, contact the the IBEX Office.