The Department of Communication at The Master's University seeks to identify and develop students' gifts relating to communication arts and sciences for professional growth and employment as well as for the building up of the church. Students gain a foundation for careers in teaching, law, advertising, film production, professional writing, and broadcasting, as well as missions and church-related ministries. They also develop a Christian world view based on the history, impact, and function of human communication.

At TMU, we're proud of our Communication Department preparing students to take the gospel to their professional field in the film industry!

Posted by The Master's University on Monday, September 21, 2015

The Department of Communication offers a general emphasis, or students can specialize in one of the following emphases:

Cinema and Digital Arts

The Cinema and Digital Arts emphasis has gone through a dramatic change over the last few months. This emphasis offers a course of study for students interested in the visual media industry, including visual storytelling and screenwriting, technical aspects of video editing and videography, lighting, sound, and production.

Creative Writing and Publishing

The Creative Writing and Publishing emphasis of the communication program offers a course of study for students interested in the various aspects of print and electronic publication, including writing, publishing, editing, photography, and graphic design.



The Journalism emphasis offers a course of study for students interested in the varied and changing field of journalism, including writing and reporting, sports photography, editing, TV, radio and multimedia/social media journalism.


Speech Communication

The Speech Communication emphasis helps to develop the students' ability to think, write, and speak clearly. It stresses efficacious interpersonal and public communication, with the view of developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.  A broad range of understanding in historical and current communication methods is also addressed.


General Emphasis in Communication

Students can also choose a general emphasis, which allows courses from ALL listed emphases (along with the core major courses).  This emphasis gives students the flexibility to handpick courses specific to their unique interests, gifts, and career goals under the umbrella of communication theory and practice.