The Master's College

Online Dual Credit for High School Students

Get a headstart on your college degree and achieve dual credit through our online courses!  You can earn fully accredited units guaranteed to transfer to any college from an invaluable Biblical worldview. Our students also have the opportunity for concurrent enrollment by taking online courses as high school curriculum, which helps to get through college more quickly at a lower cost. It provides a safe environment in which high school students thrive and communicate with fellow classmates and teacher. The online atmosphere often encourages and fosters greater participation in the class.

You can complete 36 college credits at a discounted rate as a high school student! Click here to see a sample schedule.

Fast Facts

  • High School discount price: $150/unit ($450/class)
  • Units Earned/course: 3 college accredited units
  • Class structure: 8 week sessions (see our schedule here)
  • Areas of Study: Old & New Testaments, Theology, Biblical electives, Composition, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music and Art (see a complete list of classes here)


Q: Can I work at my own pace?

A: The 8 week courses are divided up by week. This means that you can do that week's work at your own pace during the week as long as you have completed it by the end of that Sunday at 11:55 PM unless otherwise specified in the syllabus.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Due to the fact that they are college level classes that are accelerated, only 11th and 12th grades are permitted to take the courses. Please note that the classes do require a mature level of initiative, focus, and organization to be able to keep up with the pace of the class. You are responsible to complete the Dual Enrollment form if you are in high school upon appyling to the program.

Q: How many courses should I take per session?

A: We recommend between 1-2 courses per 8 week session.

Q: What is the average amount of time taken on each course?

A: Our students average 10-15 hours per course every week.

Q: Of what does the course consist?

A: Course access will be granted via a course homepage on which you will access to weekly video lectures, discussion forums in which to interact with the rest of the students as well as the professor, tests/quizzes, assignments to upload, reading, and other projects. We use Moodle to host all of our course information.

Next Steps

What next? We invite you to contact us either by phone (877) 302-3337 or explore our site to discover more about our program. If you are looking for Christ focused college education, look no further than The Master’s College. If you would like to join TMC Online, please click here.