The Master's College



Dr. John Street – Chair of the Biblical Counseling Department

Dr. Street is a regular contributor to The Biblical Counselor and The Journal of Biblical Counseling and is an editor of The Journal of Modern Ministry... More


Head, Heart, Hands, Home

What comes to your mind when you hear the word discipleship? Is it meeting once a week for a Bible study at Starbucks? In “making disciples” we need to address the whole person and they need to see the discipler living life... More


Proverbs and Counseling Wisdom

Four main counseling questions are, “who are people?”, “why do they do the things they do?” and “how do we help people change?” On top of this, Proverbs adds one of the most crucial questions, “Who is God in relation to people and their problems?”... More


How to Handle Anxiety, Worry, and Fear in a Godly Way

In this outline study, Dr. Somerville lays a foundation for how a believer can respond Scripturally to these various challenges in the Christian walk... More


Meet the Faculty

Dr. Ross Anderson, professor of Biological and Physical Sciences takes a moment to share his background.... More


The End of Creationism

What do we do when our beliefs contrast with those in mainstream culture or in the church at large? Young age creationism has roots in deep history, yet today in Christian academics it is seen as an embarrassment and something to be avoided... More


Good Designs Gone Bad

Everything in God’s creation was originally “very good,” but now many microbes cause disease and death. What happened to change them into agents of harm? There are several possibilities, and finding the answer could save lives.... More