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How do I serve my students better? By becoming a better teacher. The Master’s University’s M.Ed. in Teaching is designed to develop practical knowledge and skills to deal with real classroom issues, allowing you to do what you want: Transform student lives.

Course Number Course Title Units
ED534 Essentials of Curriculum Structure 3
ED542 Classroom Management 3
ED564 Diversity and Differentiation in Education 3
ED544 Educational Technology 3
ED508 Advanced Study in Human Development 3
ED532 Learning Theory 3
ED536 Assessment of Learning 3
ED505 History & Philosophy of Education 3
ED592 Educational Leadership 3
ED578 Action Research in Education 3
ED595 Capstone Seminar 3

Any of the following courses will meet the one Bible course you are required to take any time prior to your final course:

Course Title Units
B101 Old Testament Survey I3
B102 Old Testament Survey II3
B201 New Testament Survey I3
B202 New Testament Survey II3
BTH321 Christian Theology I3
BTH322 Christian Theology II3
B340 Biblical Interpretation3
B342 Romans3
B346 Life of Christ3

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