The Master's College

The End of Creationism

What do we do when our beliefs contrast with those in mainstream culture or in the church at large? Young age creationism has roots in deep history, yet today in Christian academics it is seen as an embarrassment and something to be avoided. A revitalized movement among evolutionary creationists (formerly known as theistic evolutionists) has as its goal to diminish the influence of creationism in Christian academics. What should be our response? To dialogue or debate or defend our position? Unfortunately some of the poor work in young age creationism of the past has contributed to this low view of creationism. However there is a new movement of young age creationists who are involved in creation model building and practicing science on biblical principles. In this lecture Dr. Francis provides an overview of these trends as the backdrop for an emerging neo-creationist movement. (From a workshop originally delivered at the 2012 Truth and Life Conference)

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