The Master's College

Head, Heart, Hands, Home: A Mentoring/Discipleship Model for the Local Church

What comes to your mind when you hear the word discipleship? Is it meeting once a week for a Bible study at Starbucks? In “making disciples” we need to address the whole person and they need to see the discipler living life. Obviously, we need to give them content (head). But, we also need to address their character and what they are living for, serving and worshiping on the inside (the heart). Also, how are they being trained to use their giftedness in a local body (hands)? It is God’s plan that all of this be happening in the local church (home). This model will provide a plan to follow for making thoroughly trained followers of Christ. It works especially well for mentoring future leadership. A number of practical examples will be given on how to carry this out.

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