MA240 - Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

This course empowers students to use the tools of math to understand the 'what,' the 'why,' and the 'wherefore' of the universe around them. This course focuses on facilitating quantitative reasoning ability, thinking logically and critically, and how to provide accurate information to supply a basis for analysis of new information and the making of wise decisions. This class is 8 weeks long.

Lecturer: Prof. Claire Blackwell


  1. That the student will recognize basic logical arguments, propositions, and common fallacies and utilize various problem-solving methods to answer a variety of quantitative questions.
  2. That the student will read statistical data intelligently and critically and recognize abuses of statistics
  3. That the student will quantify degrees of certainty and uncertainty using the theory of probability.
  4. That the student will calculate compound interest and related ideas such as mortgages, loans, and annuities and manage personal finances from a Scriptural base with practical applications.
  5. That the student will manipulate basic algebraic expressions and equations.

Course Work:

*Tools:Scientific or graphing calculator

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