LS200 - Foundations of Science


The Foundations of Science course is unique in that it provides students with an introduction to the history, development and influence of science on other academic disciplines through a biblical worldview with the guidance of Scripture. The goal is to educate Christian believers about the relevance and importance of science, to define science, investigate its claims, and consider its place within the biblical Christian worldview. The impact of science on patterns of culture and society will be addressed through online class discussions focusing on topics such as the ethical issues that Christians face with recent advancements in science and technology. This is a three credit undergraduate course condensed into an eight week session. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Lecturers: Dr. Joe Francis, Dr. Steven Boyd, Dr. Brian Morley, Dr. Ross Anderson, and Dr. Dennis Englin

Course Work:

Students can expect to spend anywhere between 12 and 15 hours per week on course activities which include viewing video lectures, reading of the assigned text books and essays, completing assignments and participating in online discussions. Assignments include: weekly quizzes, two non-proctored exams, participation in online discussions and one written assignment.

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