BC300 - Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Throughout this course, the student will be confronted with at least 13 foundational statements regarding biblical counseling. Each statement could be likened to a pillar that supports the structure and framework of counseling. These foundational principles form the basis of the methodology for biblical counseling. Without a biblical understanding of the nature of counseling that can accurately be called Scriptural, the counselor will be more apt to substitute the teaching of the Bible in the area of counseling with worldly philosophies of psychology. These 13 foundational statements will serve as driving motivations for the biblical counselor who wishes to base his ministry on the sufficiency of Scripture. Students will gain a greater confidence in the sufficiency and superiority of the Scripture for handling all the personal and interpersonal problems of life. This course also lays a foundation for understanding counseling as a vital ministry of all members of the local church. This course is 8 weeks long.

Lecturer: Dr. Ernie Baker


  1. Pursue an enriched and improved personal life and relationship with Christ.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts, presuppositions, and distinctive features of biblical counseling.
  3. Identify and develop the personal qualities that are necessary for effective counseling.
  4. Recognize and understand how and why biblical counseling differs from all other kinds of counseling.
  5. Evaluate people and their problems in a distinctly biblical way.
  6. Develop a practical framework for understanding the counseling process from a biblical perspective.
  7. Build upon a correct theoretical basis when pursuing future studies in biblical counseling.

Course Work:

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