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Dr. Varner teaching B102

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These are full-credit baccalaureate courses offered in a completely online interactive learning community. By the end of the eight week course, students will have a deeper understanding of the subject matter and how it relates to their biblical worldview, and will have formed relationships with classmates and their instructor while participating in online discussions and group activities.

Courses Currently Available

Click on the name of the course to view a description and required textbooks. Courses that require proctored exams are also noted. All currently available courses are offered every session.

Course # Course & Sample Clip
Units Lecturer Resources
B101 Old Testament Survey I 3 William Varner Textbooks
B102 Old Testament Survey II 3 William Varner Textbooks
B201 New Testament Survey I 3 Thomas Halstead Textbooks
B202 New Testament Survey II 3 Thomas Halstead Textbooks
B340 Biblical Interpretation 3 Abner Chou Textbooks
B342 Romans 3 Daniel Wong Textbooks
B346 Life of Christ 3 William Varner Textbooks
BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3 Ernie Baker Textbooks
BTH321 Christian Theology I 3 Brian Morley Textbooks
BTH322 Christian Theology II 3 Brian Morley Textbooks
C100 Spoken Communication 3 Bob Dickson
E110 English Composition 3 Bob Dickson Textbooks
E211 English Literature I 3 Grant Horner Textbooks
E221 World Literature I 3 Jo Suzuki Textbooks
ECN200 Macroeconomics 3 Kevin Hill Textbooks
H211 World History I 3 Jeff Jensen Textbooks
H212 World History II 3 Jeff Jensen Textbooks
H241 US History I 3 Dan Roland Textbooks
LS140 Principles of Biology 3 Joseph Francis Textbooks
LS200 Foundations of Science 3 Joseph Francis Textbooks
MA240 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 3 Claire Blackwell Textbooks
MU190 Introduction to Music and Art 3 Ruta Bloomfield Textbooks
P311 Introduction to Philosophy 3 Brian Morley Textbooks
SP221 Spanish I 3 Mario Aguilar Textbooks

Courses Coming Soon

Course # Course Name Units Lecturer Resources

US Government (Revised)Coming Summer 2, 2014

3 Dan Roland