Biblical Equipping Collection

The Master's University Biblical Equipping Collection is a library of college-level courses taught by full-time Master's University Biblical Studies faculty.

The courses have been developed to provide an educational resource to pastors, missionaries, and local churches to assist members to deepen their understanding of Scriptures, to help them grow in their walk with Christ, and to challenge them to service within and beyond their local church. Each course includes 30 hours of lectures and resources packed with all the materials utilized in the original class, which the church can reproduce and use. The cost of each course is $199.00, and once purchased, it can be used on an unlimited basis in the church for both individual student and classroom study settings.

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"Finally, after years of requests, I am excited to announce the immediate availability of The Master's University Biblical Equipping Collection. This set of college-level Bible survey courses will be an invaluable resource to the adult educational ministry of any local church. These courses are taught by TMU Bible faculty who have a deep commitment to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, a thorough understanding of biblical content and scholarship, and the ability to communicate clearly to effectively engage the student audience. I encourage pastors to strongly consider the addition of these course packages to the resources available to their members to deepen and broaden their understanding of God's Word."

John MacArthur
President, The Master's University